A10 new European architecture Cooperative explores architecture in Europe within its artistic, social, political and economical dimensions.

A10 new European Cooperative is an organisation of journalists, critics and bloggers in the field of architecture. Together we work on a platform for (emerging) European architecture within the broader context of economics, politics, philosophy, sociology and art. All A10 members are independent and leading experts within their own field of expertise. We like to cooperate and offer our services to any architecture initiative that fits our mission statement.

To achieve our mission of reporting on architecture in Europe within a wider context we invite you to become a correspondent to cover the various countries and regions in Europe, or even outside Europe as long as a clear link to Europe can be established. The A10 membership is free and offers you a platform for your contributions.

A10 reflects on topical European issues and how architects respond to them. We offer a platform for emerging European architects, within the various drivers that shape their work. We promote alternative sources of inspiration, education, experience and knowledge, and we aim to help the most inspiring epitomes of our mission to put their ideas into practice and make Europe a better place. To be able to truly reflect on architecture, we believe it’s important to include the social, political, cultural, historical and economic context in which both the building, the architect, the location and the stakeholders are created.

All authors on this platform are a member of the A10 Coop. Together we manage, develop and build upon our online and offline activities. All correspondents share in the profit we make. The A10 Coop board members, elected by the Coop members, are in charge of the daily affairs of the Coop. We share all our copyrights, we support all sorts of open source.

To apply, send an email to office@a10coop.eu. Please include an introductory letter that describes how and why you would like to interact with the A10 Cooperative, a few pieces you have written that show how you consider architecture a phenomenon related to the broader context of Europe, society at large and local aspects. Incomplete applications will not be taken into account. We will review your application thoroughly and will respond within two weeks.