Eurovision Malta, 2015

It is a truth universally acknowledged that any city that will become a European Capital of Culture must be in need of new buildings. In Malta, it was decided that the activities leading up to Valletta’s turn in 2018 should include the entire country, and not just the capital city alone. For this reason, we took the opportunity to learn more about the architecture scene of this island nation. Guest editors Lisa Gwen Baldacchino (Ministry of Culture) and Simone Vella Lenicker (Malta Chamber of Architects and Civil Engineers) explain more about its history and recent projects, opportunities and threats.

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Eurovision Romania, 2015

Romania is one of those European countries where new construction has fallen off the hardest because fo the economic crisis. Yet, during these years, the number of internationally recognized Romanian projects has only increased. In many ways, the equasion 'fewer projects, more reflection' seems to function here. But there is more than that: Romanian architects have combined this habit of making do with what they have with opening up to the world, and with a new sense of responsability. Zeppelin, guest editor of this edition of Eurovision, explores the reults so far.

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Eurovision Albania, 2015

After 30 years of transition, Albania still aspires to a new culture of spatial planning. Its main planning strategies thus far have resulted in notions like the 'vaporized city', 'informal city' and 'archipealogo cvity', offering a rather clear insight into how Albania's main cities have developed until now. While politicians repeatedly invite international architects to participate in prestige projects that are hardly ever realized, Albanian architects have developed a rich palette of answers to deal with pop-up peripheries and leftover plots in the city center. In this edition of Eurovision, edited by Polis University, we focus on the projects and ambitions that have recast Albania into a fascinating laboratory of urban concepts.

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